The Time to Brush

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As patients of Dr. Walker and her friendly staff well know, good dental hygiene means brushing and flossing regularly. The American Dental Association recommends that people brush at least twice; one of which should be right before bedtime. Individuals who consume a lot of sugary foods and drink may find it helpful if they brush more often throughout the day.

However, despite someone’s good intentions, finding the time to brush regularly can at times prove difficult, since spending only a few hurried seconds brushing won’t clean your teeth as needed to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. With this in mind, here are a few helpful suggestions of when to find a little extra time to brush.

Watching T.V.

While dentists recommend brushing before bedtime, nothing says it must be the last thing you do before you turn off the lights. Since most people watch their favorite shows right up until bedtime, brushing while watching T.V. can give you the time needed to give your teeth a proper scrubbing. Since your focus will remain on what you’re watching, spending the necessary two minutes to properly brush will no longer feel tedious and boring.

Surfing the Web

It takes the average reader one minute to read 100 to 150 words. Brushing while reading an article, watching a video, or just browsing through the headlines can once again take your mind of the task at hand so you don’t mind spending the time needed to brush properly. Sit down and brush while reading an article, and by the time your done reading, you’re also done brushing.

Brush with Your Kids

Good dental hygiene practices need to start at a young age so every child can have a healthy and beautiful smile as they grow into adults. Taking the time to brush your teeth along with your child can provide you an opportunity to offer instruction on good brushing technique, while making sure he or she actually brushes instead of just wetting the tip.

At Work

Portable toothbrushes don’t only work while on vacation. When you need a break from your desk, get up and walk to the bathroom and give your teeth a thorough brushing while you stretch your legs. Brushing at work can be useful if you have a habit of drinking soda throughout the day, and it also gives you an important chance to clean your teeth after lunch. If you feel self conscious about brushing in front of coworkers, use fresh water to give your mouth a thorough rising after eating lunch or consuming any higher sugar sodas.


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