Despite advances in dental health care, there are some populations still at risk for poor dental health. Recently, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a study analyzing data from almost 5,000 women nationally, concluding that young pregnant women appeared to be the most at risk for poor dental health.

Study examines dental data

Researchers compiled self-reported data from 897 currently pregnant women and 3,971 nonpregnant women, asking them to assess their mouth and teeth condition at the time of the report. What they found? It turns out some women are more risk for poor dental health than others– young pregnant women.

While lack of access to care is certainly one problem, scientists note that one of the biggest contributors could be misconceptions about dental visits: women often feel cautious or even fearful about visiting a dentist during their pregnancy out of concern for their growing baby. In reality, pregnancy is a critical time to stay up-to-date on dental care!

Pregnancy and dental care at Sue Walker Dentistry

Due to hormonal changes, pregnant women are at greater risk for periodontitis, or gum disease, which can in turn affect their systemic health– and that of their child. Your dentist and OB work together to ensure both that your oral health is sound and your soon-to-be-baby is safe.

Dr. Sue understands how critical it is to consider both you and your growing baby during dental examinations; we make precautions– like no Xrays during the first trimester– the standard procedure at Sue Walker Dentistry. We make sure that you’re comfortable and all your questions are answered.

Additionally, due to the higher risk of periodontitis, Dr. Sue recommends an extra cleaning during a patient’s third trimester of pregnancy. This is a standard procedure that most insurance companies cover, and our helpful office staff are on deck to make sure you have all the information you need!

At Sue Walker Dentistry, you can expect that Dr. Sue will be working in partnership with you to make sure that you understand every step of your care and that your visit with us is comfortable. Our goal is for your best health, at every stage of life.

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