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Inflammation: a Connection Between Oral/Heart Disease?

By Sue Chadwick Walker, DMD FAGD | Apr 22, 2015

Correlations between the incidence of heart disease and that of gum disease has drawn the attention of researchers and the medical community in recent years. Now a new study by scientists from Forsyth and Boston universities is looking deeper into the mechanisms of that connection… and inflammation appears to play a pivotal role. Testing through…

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3 Ways Seasonal Allergies Affect Your Oral Health

By Sue Chadwick Walker, DMD FAGD | Apr 1, 2015

With Spring on our doorstep many Portlandians are hailing the end of a long, wet winter with celebration and song. Not so, those of us with seasonal allergies. According to experts, this year is scheduled to be an especially trying allergy season. How might this affect your oral health? Let your SE Portland dentist fill…

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Same Spring, Different Veggies

By Sue Chadwick Walker, DMD FAGD | Mar 31, 2015

What’s one critical aspect of preventative dental care? Diet. As the premiere dentist Milwaukie Oregon has, Dr. Sue Walker, is committed to helping our patients follow a healthy diet that supports their best oral health. Fortunately, with Spring right around the corner eating healthy is easier than ever– in the Pacific NW, the Spring season…

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Office Elf Winners!

By Sue Chadwick Walker, DMD FAGD | Jan 14, 2015

This year, our office accepted a friendly challenge by the office of Dr. Godzyk (our neighboring orthodontist) to join in a game of Elf on the Shelf: Who could find the most creative ways to engage the Elf with their office? And the winner is… US! After a month of naughty adventures and all sorts…

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Kids Catch Colds– and Cavities!

By Sue Chadwick Walker, DMD FAGD | Jan 13, 2015

It’s winter. With flu and cold season upon us, we’re all thinking a little more about hand-washing, sneeze-covering, and doing what we can to avoid germs and stay healthy! We all know that we can give and catch germs that cause a runny nose– or worse– but did you know that you can also share…

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This Holiday Season… Dare to Drool

By Sue Chadwick Walker, DMD FAGD | Nov 25, 2014

With all the mouth-watering food awaiting us, many have concerns about potential weight gain, about healthy eating, about getting Grandma’s recipe just right– but Sue Walker Dentistry has some good news about great food: your saliva fights cavities. The magic of mucin According to new research between scientists at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of…

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Homemade, Healthy Options for Halloween Treats

By Sue Chadwick Walker, DMD FAGD | Oct 24, 2014

Despite its reputation, Halloween fun doesn’t need to be a free-for-all of candy consumption! Dr. Sue believes that moderation– including the indulgence of some sweet treats– is a great way to approach the Halloween holiday, and a great way to invite the practice of oral hygiene habits afterwards! But why only celebrate for one night?…

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Pregnant Women in Need of Better Dental Services, Study Shows

By Sue Chadwick Walker, DMD FAGD | Oct 8, 2014

Despite advances in dental health care, there are some populations still at risk for poor dental health. Recently, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a study analyzing data from almost 5,000 women nationally, concluding that young pregnant women appeared to be the most at risk for poor dental health. Study examines dental data Researchers compiled…

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Undercover Sugar Snacks

By Sue Chadwick Walker, DMD FAGD | Sep 23, 2014

Food! A healthy diet is intrinsic to great oral health. Milwaukie Oregon dentist Dr. Sue Walker recommends patients eat nutritious, low-in-sugar foods for two reasons: to provide your body with plenty of nutrients for healthy teeth and gums, and to avoid the damaging effects of eating sugar. But this simple advice can get tricky Sometimes…

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