Benefits Of Changing Your Oral Care Routine, Try A New Toothpaste Flavor

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What is your favorite toothpaste flavor? Do you like tangy or sweet? There are so many choices out on the market that it is hard to pick just one flavor. The traditional mint, cinnamon and spearmint are now considered “classic” flavors. But as you may have experienced already, sticking to the same flavor day in and day out can get boring pretty quick. And if you don’t enjoy the flavor of your toothpaste chances are you won’t brush your teeth as long or even as often. Consider adding more flavors into your routine.

Changing up your basic oral care routine can improve your health in many ways. Changing something as simple as your toothpaste flavor can add new spice into your regular routine. By switching it up a little you trick your mind into thinking it is a brand new experience. When we do this we naturally want to try the new experience more. If you pick a toothpaste flavor you love then you may even brush your teeth longer and even more often. Which means better overall health care, lower dental bills, and a bright white smile. Making small tweaks to your health routine can help you feel better about your choices as well.

We recommend trying a new flavor every year. And make sure to bush your teeth at least twice a day. Toothpaste helps remove plaque build up on your teeth and it also removes food particles that stick around long after you eat. Finding a flavor that you enjoy will help you enjoy brushing your teeth. In fact you may even look forward to brushing your teeth. Just as kids, love cotton candy or bubble gum flavor, there is a new category of toothpaste for adults that have people craving their toothpaste. Are you craving bacon, a mocha or a cupcake? Well now you can brush away that craving with fancy unique flavors.

We searched around the world to find the craziest flavors. Check out the most unusual toothpaste flavors: coffee, cupcake, jasmin and even bacon!

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