Milwaukie, OR dentist Tooth fairy

Are their small children in your household who are waiting for a visit from the tooth fairy? Well they may be in luck, as the amount that the elusive sprite is now leaving under our nation’s pillows has reached new heights.  Children these days are getting more then the nickel or quarter that you might have grown up with. These days the average lost tooth can fetch $3.68, according to the folks at Visa. Perhaps the economy is improving, and the first sign is right under your child’s pillow.

From $1 to $50?

In a recent Visa survey they found that the average tooth fairy gift was up more than 23% over the 2012 numbers and a whopping 42% over 2011 fairy distributions. The survey even found reports of a few children getting as much as $50 for a lost bicuspid.  What’s driving the increase? Most parents don’t want their children to be known as the one who got the lowest amount for their teeth amongst their peers. Where some families give as much as $20, Visa found the mid $3 range is where most fairies were most comfortable. It’s also pretty common for kids to get a little more dough for their first lost teeth, as it’s an important right of passage. Roughly a third of respondents also reported that the tooth fairy left a dollar or less.

Calculating the Cost

Chock full of insights, the Visa study also went on to relate that the higher educated the parents were, the less the Tooth Fairy was liable to leave. It also showed that parents in lower income brackets actually left the largest rewards. How do they know all this? Well, they created a special Tooth Fairy Calculator, which helps would-be Tooth Fairies figure out how much to leave and takes in account things like age, gender, income, and education.  You can find the free app in the Facebook app and Apple app stores.

Where Do You Live?

It also turns out that kids who live the Northeast reaped the most rewards, coming in at an average of $4.10 per lost tooth. Here in the west the amount was $3.70, only slightly above the average, while the south followed at just under the national Tooth Fairy standard at $3.6o. Kids located in the Midwest got just $3.30 on average under their pillow.

A Bigger Wallet

Since most children lose around 20 baby teeth in all, Visa’s new figure could mean the winged pixie needs to carry a bigger wallet! At the new national average a U.S. kid will net $74 off their pearly whites! As losing baby teeth can sometimes be traumatic occurrence for younger kids, the cheery Tooth Fairy can help to make that experience better.  Experts also suggest that all this hoopla about the tooth fairy and money may actually be a great chance for your youngsters to learn about money and what it’s worth.


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