When it is time to take your children to the dentist, preparation is very important.  Let your child know that a visit to the dentist’s office is like a visit to their doctor, but a lot happens at the dentists, that will be brand new for them. You can help your child look forward to visiting by informing them about what to expect. The more preparation you can give your children about this new experience, the happier they will be! Doctor Sue Chadwick Walker has some tips to help you prepare your child for their first visit, here they are.

Good Health Makes Us Happy

Regardless of how you feel about visiting the dentist, it’s important to communicate that a dental appointment is a great thing for your child. When we take care of our teeth at home, we have a better, more relaxed and enjoyable experience at the actual dental office. Prevention is an easy thing to practice and teaching your child to take care of their teeth all the time will help them see the benifits when they come to see us. Dentist in Milwaukie Oregon Doctor Sue Chadwick Walker gives her patients a quality experience. She enjoys making people happy by providing them with good health.

Be a Good Example

Kids watch everything you do, and – more importantly – everything you don’t do. If you want your children to visit the dentist regularly and cooperatively, then you should do this yourself. Showing them by example is the best way to teach and lead. It’s also vital to have a good attitude not only about going, but about the different activities like getting x-rays and your teeth cleaned.

Don’t Leave Any Surprises

Understanding that this will be a new experience, try to have as many conversations as you can with your child about what to expect during the dental visit so there are no uncomfortable surprises when they get there. Some of the more important details include:

•    the dentist chair that tilts back

•    the bright light and the sunglasses

•    the fact that your child’s mouth needs to be opened for the dentist
•    the special toothbrush the dental hygienist will use, as well as the water sprayer and suctioned

By being happy and positive when you talk about the experience will also help your child feel more relaxed.

Relax and Have Fun

The more relaxed you are about the experience the more easy going your child will be about it as well. You can prepare your child by asking if they have any questions, engage them and help them feel more at ease by sharing your own experiences with the dentist. If your child has concerns make sure you let the dentist know. Dentist in Milwaukie Oregon Doctor Walker is here to help and her ultimate goal is your happiness and health.