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Correlations between the incidence of heart disease and that of gum disease has drawn the attention of researchers and the medical community in recent years. Now a new study by scientists from Forsyth and Boston universities is looking deeper into the mechanisms of that connection… and inflammation appears to play a pivotal role.

Testing through treatment

In the study, researchers used a topical medication for periodontitis that reduces inflammation of the gums. They found that oral use of this anti-inflammation medication also lowered levels of inflammation within the cardiovascular system!

This work is particularly groundbreaking in that it is the first time scientists have clearly demonstrated how treatment of an oral disease can also improve the conditions of heart health. Additionally, it highlights inflammation as one of the key players in the oral/heart health connection.

Big implications

If these findings prove to be accurate, they could have big implications for the future of oral and heart disease prevention.

Gum disease is one of the most widespread diseases in the world, found virtually everywhere. Heart disease is one of the biggest causes of mortality in the world. Awareness of the connection between the two could have broad effects on the prevention of disease. Scientists are urging that health professionals view gum disease as another risk factor for heart disease– just like smoking or obesity.

Gum disease has a wide reach

When it comes to gum disease, cardiovascular health isn’t the only connection experts are seeing to systemic health. Scientists are seeing links to Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, pancreatic cancer, and more. Seeing the effect of oral health on the rest of the body really highlights how interconnected our bodily systems are.

Daily hygiene, exercise, diet, and healthy habits all contribute to both systemic health and oral health. And managing health conditions that you have, like a cardiovascular disease, as the researchers studied– makes a big difference in your oral health, and vice versa.

Great oral health contributes to great health for the body

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