Despite its reputation, Halloween fun doesn’t need to be a free-for-all of candy consumption! Dr. Sue believes that moderation– including the indulgence of some sweet treats– is a great way to approach the Halloween holiday, and a great way to invite the practice of oral hygiene habits afterwards!

But why only celebrate for one night? With our healthy treat ideas, you can have spooky fun with your kids all month long! These snacks are sure to please your small Halloween enthusiast at parties, after school, meal time, anytime!

Spooky grinning mouth

Despite their slightly terrifying appearance, these mouths are vegetarian. First, take pea pods and cut a slit lengthways– this is your “mouth”. Then, for snaggle-y teeth, stick almond slivers halfway into the pea pod. Next, use cream cheese to “glue” a wedge of red bell pepper into the pea pod as well– this is your tongue. Now you have a snaggle-toothed, grinning goblin mouth sticking out its tongue! Your kids may gobble these mouths up as-is, or they may prefer to drown them in a healthy homemade dressing.

Spider cookies

These treats are both simple and elegant– and yes, they are also pretty sweet. To make spider cookies, the first step is to mix, ball, and bake chocolate chip cookies in just the way that you always do. When the cookies are hot off the oven, your mission is to work as quickly as possible and, using a toothpick, draw out tiny spider legs from all the melty chocolate chips (you may have to nuke in the microwave a couple times to get all the spiders completed). Suddenly, from plain-jane chocolate chip cookies, you now have a platter of spooky snacks eerily crawling with spiders! Creepy and irresistible.

Egg-y eyeballs

Another shockingly easy recipe (as long as you don’t mind making deviled eggs), these egg-y eyeballs are guaranteed to thrill and take almost no time at all to make. First, start with completed deviled eggs. Then, using food coloring (or for the adventurous, sriracha sauce) draw creepy veins stemming from the deviled center of the egg. Top with a slice of olive, and now your innocent deviled egg is a blood-shot eye staring craftily at you, unblinking– until you eat it!

Pumpkin “puke”

Yes, this sounds– and looks– disgusting, but for kids’ parties, there is no bigger hit. And again, this recipe is wildly simple with fantastic results. If he or she is old enough, ask your child to carve a small-ish pumpkin while you are busy making guacamole (or vege dip). Make sure the jack-o-lantern has a big, open mouth. Set the freshly carved jack-o-lantern on a tray surrounded by tortilla chips (make sure the pumpkin has been completely cleaned of goo, of course). Then pour your guacamole (or healthy dip) so that it appears to be flowing from the jack-o-lantern’s open mouth. Gross! And yet, delicious.

PS: for a pro tip, place the avocado pits into the guacamole to keep your snack from turning “brown” during the party.

What is your (or your child’s) favorite Halloween snack?

Witch fingers? Spiders on a log? Share them with us at your next appointment to see Dr. Sue, your Milwaukie, OR dentist!


Photo Credit: joshbousel via Compfight cc